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Robot Advice or Robo Consulting is generally defined as “digital platforms and applications that offer investment advice”.

Robo Consultants have 2 important features. The first is the absence of human intervention and the second is the technological infrastructure they have. Although hybrid versions with human intervention are rule-based versions based on known financial models, the new generation Robo Advisors are self-updating artificial intelligence-based systems. There is no human intervention in them. Thus, there are no human-specific errors and irrational and emotional decisions are not made. Thanks to its technology, it makes personalized calculations for millions of customers and follows everyone’s advice individually. The system architecture has an infrastructure that can perform all operations in milliseconds.

Robo Advisors aims to provide investment advice in an easily accessible form for customers from anywhere and to provide equal quality digital investment advisory services to everyone. One of their other most important features is that they give their investment advice regularly and continuously, not once. Recommendations should change over time and new recommendations should be offered. They aim to reach a large customer base. Therefore, they receive lower expenses and lower investment amount lower limits. They provide serious advantages in terms of transaction costs and time.

Ideal Robo Advisors have the potential to provide better returns than active portfolio management, as it is a machine learning that develops on financial algorithms, optimization, trading signals and trend analysis without human intervention in the fields of asset and portfolio management.

Choosing among hundreds of mutual funds and stocks and diversifying their portfolio, making purchase and selling decisions at the right times, tracking performances and providing better returns is one of the important issues in the field of financial ailylogies, which is lacking in our country.

Ideal robo-advisors have the potential to provide better returns than active portfolio management, as it is a machine learning that develops on financial algorithms, optimization, trading signals and trend analysis without human intervention in the fields of asset and portfolio management.

Robo consulting systems basically provide seven services. Developed and updated software provides these services. These services are;

  • Opening an online account,
  • Calculation of risk profiles by personalizing and getting to know the customer in the best way,
  • The financial algorithm creates asset allocation recommendations,
  • Personalized application of asset allocation recommendations to millions of people in accordance with their personal risk profile and expectations,
  • Integration with operation and order processing systems,
  • Effective and comparable transparent reporting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
  • It is in the form of re-evaluation and rebalance when necessary.

What are the Advantages of Robo Investment?

The advantages of robo consultants are as follows;

  • It offers service that can be easily accessed from anywhere.
  • It aims at the same quality and equal digital investment consultancy service for everyone.
  • It gives investment advice on a regular basis, not once.
  • It aims at large customer bases. Therefore, it takes lower expenses.
  • Investment amount lower limits are lower.
  • It is more advantageous in terms of transaction cost.
  • It allows you to manage your time better without taking up too much of your time.
  • It is one of the most important financial technology tools that helps you choose among hundreds of mutual funds and stocks and diversify your portfolio, make buying and selling decisions at the right time, and provide better returns by tracking their performance.

What are the Disadvantages of Robo Investment?

The disadvantages of robo consultants are as follows;

  • Regulatory problems may arise in robo consulting platforms.
  • The accuracy of the questions asked by the robo-advisor to the customer to create a profile has not yet been accepted.
  • Robo advisors can only choose among the financial instruments defined on their platforms. Therefore, there is a risk of misleading the customer.
  • The fact that the robo-advisor provides services with a low fee is one of the issues that are approached with suspicion in terms of sustainability.

Robo-Advisors in Turkey:


A startup company. It provides services to many banks in the field of robo-consulting. In this context, it provides portfolio proposal and management advice to end users through the bank instead of directly to the end user.

Smart Advice basically provides trading and portfolio management with users through fund investment, pension fund and stocks.

Under the heading of Passive and Active Management, they talk about 2 basic robo-advisor structures. In this context, while suggesting that passive management will have 5-6 transactions per year; aily and hourly suggestions and buy-sell transactions are made in active management.

There are the main Smart PPS and My Smart Money platforms. They started their investment proposals with PPS because there is a lot of personal data and diversity in this sense. Afterwards, they offer investment advice to people by using deep learning within the scope of My Smart Money.

They are formed by the portfolio management company to the end user. Basically


Producer is also a company profile based on robo-consulting. The robo-advising here also treats clients like a portfolio manager.

Making a Risk Profile is one of the basic processes. The primary step is to analyze the risk profile of a user who wants to invest and then tailor the recommendations accordingly.

Here, a risk profile is created with questions asked to the person or a survey. They use ML algorithms in the background. And then they offer customers an effective portfolio distribution. In addition to this robo-advisor, portfolio managers also provide support.

They create a personal distribution of assets. They apply a re-balance process in order to keep the transactions at the top level. While defining the risk profile, calculations are made on some topics such as risk capacity, risk tolerance and risk need.

The primary stage is getting to know the investor. Afterwards, investment suggestions are given to the user.

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