Indoor Growth Culture

SisaSoft always prefers to train and support its employees, who are the main factors of the next project or the works that it will take over and complete successfully in the next period. We are pushing growth from within rather than hiring from outside. This not only challenges each of us to excel, but also ensures that we maintain our corporate culture and continuity in leadership. It enables each of us to adapt easily for different roles and responsibilities when appropriate.

It's Never Good Enough

SisaSoft constantly pushes its employees for excellence. It encourages learning, growth and innovation for its employees. It maintains a broad knowledge base that employees can use and learn from. The project lifecycle ends with “lessons learned” discussions, so we learn from our successes and failures and grow bigger to improvise. You work with project managers like the "Digital Library", which is a sea of ​​learning for you.

Environment - Environment

In the region where SisaSoft is located, there is a very spacious working environment that will make everyone jealous. We believe that the right work environment is extremely important in bringing out the best in the individual. Our passion for openness and growth welcomes new ideas and forces us to constantly change and improve. Of course, there are times when we work as hard as possible, but rest assured, you say it was worth it when the job is done.

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