Dear Business Partners,

With the developing technology, the information sector has an important place in human life. Information tools are currently used in all areas of our lives. It has been a duty for us as the KFZ Family to operate in an area of ​​such high importance in order to contribute to the national technology move of our country.

As SisaSoft, we have been ready and willing to dominate the New Industrial Revolution “Industry 4.0” since the day we were founded. In line with this purpose, we are involved in the IT sector with all our strength. Our work continues uninterruptedly with the aim of producing high value-added products for this structure, which was established by creating qualified employment in the IT sector. With our strong and dynamic staff, we offer solutions to many national and international companies serving in different sectors.
We have established a structure that will pave the way for producing technology in cooperation with the distinguished universities and respected companies of our country, on this adventure that we embarked on with the aim of contributing to the goals that will raise our country above the outstanding civilizations.

We will continue to provide benefits to our activities in the field of informatics and software, which we envisage as the sector in which we believe that development and added value can be realized the fastest, by always considering innovative and technological developments, together with our customers and stakeholders, with a "win-win" philosophy.
Nice success...

Chairman of the Board

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