With Industry 4.0, smart production and digital factories entered our lives. Today, production can be managed digitally with real and instant data. Many concepts that were valid in the past are also changing rapidly. For example, the definition of the process in production is remade. New approaches are being developed on which new competencies operators should be equipped with. Big data processing technologies are being developed in this direction.
Digital Production Monitoring brings smart solutions to companies producing in today's digital environment. It offers an analytical platform that increases productivity by integrating all production processes with smart applications. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) works independently from the database and cloud, and transfers the data it collects from production to the desired platform by translating it into a common and single language. Thus, it acts as a two-way data center that brings more transparency to production processes.
In this way, while controlling the production lines, Big Data required for analysis and management stages is created. Tools are being developed that can be managed via a standard web browser so that they can be accessed from all platforms, allowing single-center monitoring of these systems and making emergency plans.
By connecting all the elements under the production roof, Digital Production Monitoring, which enables you to monitor not only what you produce and what you consume, but also under what conditions and with which parameters you produce, turns into an integrated business model for smart factories.

The Digital Production Monitoring Platform is accessible from all interfaces based on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. Rest APIs provide flexible, simple and fast communication over HTTP protocol.

The components are as follows:

  • Sensor and Control Systems
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Historical Data Storage Services
  • User Management
  • Rule & Notification Management
  • Reporting Services
  • Intelligent Data Analysis Engine
  • Data Collection Services

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